This is a great time to take stock in where your business is currently, how you fared in 2020 and make plans for 2021! A Fortune Executive Coach will complete a full Practice Analysis & Opportunity Assessment for you. This is a $2500 investment value, that you have access to right now with complimentary.

Fortune Management’s Practice Analysis & Opportunity Assessment is based on a proven methodology to comprehensively assess your practice on 20 performance metrics including team, production, procedure mix, fee schedules, collections, re-care, overhead, and more. 

In addition, the Practice Analysis clearly identifies opportunities for practice improvement, ensuring that you have the information you need plan for and achieve your goals.  

This analysis will help you create an action plan for the new year, whether you want exponential growth, to sell your practice, or anything in between.

Just fill out this quick form and an Executive Coach will contact you to schedule!

We look forward to a successful 2021!

Practice Analysis Submission